Temporary Fencing can be as good a Solution Indoors as it is Outdoors!

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Temporary Fencing isn’t just for the Outdoors, it can also be the perfect solution Indoors. At GHL TempFence we’ve delivered a multitude of different Solutions inside using Temporary Fencing including:IMG_6141.JPG

  • Defining Different Work Areas
  • Controlling Access with Gates
  • Completely Isolating Hazards
  • Screening off Areas with Shade Cloth


Some we’ve sold, some we’ve Hired and the reasons have been many and varied:

  • Flexibility with Layout so as needs change the Fence Line can be changed
  • Options available to simply define walk ways with 1.1m high Crowd Control Barriers or Fence Off areas with 1.950H Temporary Fencing
  • Cost effective Options -  Short Term Hire or Buying when Long Term use


Plus – Have to say at GHL TempFence we enjoy the challenge of tailer making a Temporary Fencing Solution.

So if you’ve got an idea don’t hesitate to Contact us at GHL TempFence Ph 0800 TempFence

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