Supply of Equipment for Safety Fence & Temp Fence Hire Sales has been in chaos because of COVID-19, "But not for GHL"

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Covid 19 has certainly had a huge impact on everyone’s lives both Socially & Professionally!!

Professionally - As a country we’re very dependent on Imported goods manufactured off shore and as the world went into lockdown the whole manufacture & shipping supply chain has been disrupted.

The Temporary Fencing, Safety Fence supply chain like many products has been effected. The good news is the GHL TempFence Team stocked up and increased its orders for Safety Fence, Temporary Fence Panels and Fence components back in January so in the last 6 weeks we’ve landed 14 x Containers of Temporary Fence & Safety Fence with 3 more due any day.

So if your in the Market to Hire or Buy Temporary Fence, Construction Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers or Safety Fence give us a Call on 0800 TempFence or check out our catalogue.        “On Time, Every Time””